Recommendations for cleaning the tiles after they are burnished and polished

1. Never use clorox, amonia, acids, nor anything caustic.

2. Use of detergents will deminish the polish effect and should be used only when there is a persistant or greasy stain.

3. It is recommended to wash the floor once or twice a week with a bucket of clean water and a shot of gas morado (kerosene) easily obtainable at a neghborhood hardware store

4. Instead of sweeping with a broom, you should use a straight mop (dusting mop) previously sprayed with gas morado (kerosene) allowing it to dry up for 1 or 2 days or as long as necessary in order to get completely dry. For best results, instead of the gas morado you can spray on anyone of the following products: “adelimp”, “tratamop”, or a mixture (50-50) of kerosene and red oil for polishing furniture 3 in 1.”



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